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About Our Organization 

Next Generation of Leaders Corporation was founded in September 2019 in the state of Georgia. We are a nonprofit organization that is committed to equipping adolescents and young adults with the necessary tools and resources to become successful.

Next Generation of Leaders Corporation thrives in developing the whole person, which we believe can eventually improve the world. Our goal is to help young people secure a brighter and better future.

Meet Our Executive Director

Sesalei Beard is a youth advocate who has been in the field of nonprofit work for a long time. She is a capable leader who is at the helm of our group as we fulfill our mission of empowering the next generation.

Sesalei is a first-generation college student who endured difficulty deciding which paths to take to gain success in the workforce, the educational system, and in life. She is overwhelmed with wisdom and knowledge through personal experience. Therefore, she feels more than obligated to pass this imperative information on to equip tomorrow’s leaders with what they need so they can be successful in the college preparation process and thereafter.

What We Do